Monday, September 15, 2008

Esquif Square Stern

Just picked up a new 2.5 horsepower motor to power the Esquif Cargo square stern canoe. The neat thing about a sqare stern canoe is that it still paddles well. Unlike a larger motor boat it is easy to get this boat off the car and into the water without the need of a boat ramp. I took the boat out on the Cowlitz River with my dog upfront for ballast. As I got more experienced with the boat and motor, I was able to use outside leans to turn the boat. This allowed me to just keep the motor straight and then use my body to turn the boat. I also played with ruddering the boat with my paddle. The combination of leaning and ruddering really worked well. Of course, I was also able to use the motor to turn too.

To keep my dog from jumping back toward me I lashed his leash back and forth across the seat behind him. I was able to cover the distance with the boat that would have taken me about 4 times longer to cover. I turned the motor off and floated and paddled for awhile too. The boats was easy to paddle.