Monday, October 5, 2009

River Retreat Sunday and Monday

The River Retreat was a blast. We had perfect weather for five straight days. I was so happy that so many people were willing to take time and travel to get together. The conversations that erupt when so many passionate people get together to share in the sports and business we love.

I understand that many shops are still busy or had other plans but what could be better than this...

I took about 60 pics of Tom Strauss from Emotion. He was smiling in every one of them. Try doing that with someone else you know. I bet Tom wins everytime.

One of the many basecamps to hang out in.

Ed Vater from Bending Branches and Aquabound Paddles showed up with Bacon Wrapped Shrimp and some great stories up northern Wisconsin Christmas BBQs. Ed made a lot of friends with these delectables.

Moon Mountain Ramblers rocked

My Dad showed these Northwesterners how to steam 50 head of corn at once over a fire. They were perfect.

Tom liked the 30 lbs of Salmon. We enjoyed fresh Salmon all week.

A highlight for me was paddling with Tom Derrer from Eddyline Kayaks. We huffed and puffed our way upstream before enjoying the lazy float downstream.