Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Stohlquist Descent PFD and Add -a Buoy

Descent $199.95
Stohlquist's newest rescue pfd features so many new design elements from Stohlquist:
  • Wrapture Foam--the ultra soft foam has been cut pre-curved to fit your body. The jacket molds right to your body even before tightening down the signature cross chest "cinch strap".
  • Contoured and Reinforced Nail Cloth Shoulders: The shoulders curve away from the neck to avoid unwanted contact. Free floating with counter suspension secures the jacket against the body.
  • Self-Centering 1 1/2" black oxidized stainless O-Ring
  • High Capacity, self expanding front pocket will fit camera, Stohlquist Bullet Bag Throwbags or added bouyancy Add-a Buoy (see below).
  • Ventilated lumber pad
  • Gripp-Loc rubberized surface interior non-slip panel for zero ride up.

Stohlquist Add-A-Buoy $24.95
  • Increases "face-up" tendency and adds floatation in rough conditions.
  • Can also improve fit of the Descent.

Stohlquist Bullet Bags Sea Tow $54.95 WW Bullet Bag $49.95

WW Bullet Bag